Possessing Crypto Kintama
brings good fortune

Your Kintama, Our Future.

You, me, and Kintama

Always Be Kintama!




Start your kintama trial.
Crypto Kintama Mini

In order to offer products with affordable prices, we have automated the final process. So we are fully ready for worldwide mass production. Crypto Kintama Mini is also recommended as a gift. It is 18k gold.


How about one kintama in the family?
Crypto Kintama Regular

Currently, this is our main Kintama series on the market. Since this is hand-minted (unlike Mini), we can offer for sale only one item each on Nafter and OpenSea. it is 24k gold.
- Nafter ver. is currenty out of stock.


Beyond the Kintama.
Crypto Kintama Premium

It takes Honoka, the Kintama creator, for a week to mint the Kintama. It is rarely on the market since hand-minting requires a lot of power and time. The price for the Kintama, of course, is accordingly high (and getting even higher). it is 24k gold.
- Nafter ver. is currenty out of stock.

Gold Price Chart
(dollar/troy ounce)

2000 2005 2010 2015 2020 2021.9
279 445 1,226 1,160 1,770 1,777

Gold prices are trending upward

The price of gold fluctuates like stocks and exchange rates. However, as the chart above shows, it has been trending upward approximately since 2000.

There are two reasons why the gold price is increasing. One of them is “the demand for gold” and another is “the demand for Crypto Kintama(Golden ball)”

Our minting technique is world-class.
Crypto Kintama is hand-minted.

Kintama creators passionately mint each Crypto Kintama. The technique is world-class (according to Honoka). Since all the items are hand-minted, it is difficult to mass produce, so we are working hard everyday. All of our products are made in Japan.

“Kintama” to the world

We are fully prepared to serve overses customers.
We hope to make “Kintama” a universal word - like Sushi and Kawaii. Fly kintama to the world.


We have gathered questions which our customers frequently ask before and after purchase.
Please enjoy the new Kintama experience with various designs and benefits.

How can I purchase Crypto Kintama?

Is there any point having only one Crypto Kintama?

Can women also have Crypto Kintama?

Do you have a roadmap?

Crypto Kintama Team

Outside Director

  • Tadahito
    Kintama Director
    (Nafter Japan Community manager 、Crypto Jack Junk Representative 、etc.)

  • Abe Shinzo
    Kintama Director
    (BCG UNIVERSITY President、Axie Punks Representative、etc.)


  • Kamejiro
    Kintama Consultant
    (PancakePay Founder)

Voice of collectors

Kintama is perfect for icon

zou san

Got Kintama!!
I’ve got three now, including mine🤣

Suuchin san

Finally I welcomed Kintama for fight✌️😆
I’m relieved as I got it before it sold out😊✨
I have high hopes😆

Taachel san

Golden Ball
Knowledge Ball
I purchased it since it has three elements!

Something like cat@jpn san

Honoka and I have been good friends since nafter’s launch, so I purchased it.
We are like fellow soldiers because the crypto that I purchased grew and shrunk ten times.
I will challenge hell with this golden egg today too!

G san

I like the crosswise difference of color and font of Kintama, and it is really great that the prototype has the description “GOLDEN BALL”.
Also, everytime I compare with others, I find that the initial impulse appears in the prototype. It is rare and I get excited.

Zou san